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Three Bridges Primary School

Three Bridges Primary School

  • Learn, Enjoy, Achieve
  • Respect, Nurture
  • Engage
  • Resilience

Our Governors

Message from the Chair of Governors 

On behalf of the governors, I would like to briefly set out why we are so proud of our school, our top class teaching staff and the amazing children who attend.  Children who attend Three Bridges regularly tell us how much they enjoy learning and visitors are always impressed by the children’s thirst for knowledge, their politeness and support for each other. The vision for the school is clear - that we aim to create a life- long love for learning. This is central to Three Bridges Primary school and, as parents and carers; you play a key part in supporting that through encouraging and inspiring your amazing children.

The governing body oversee setting the strategy for the school, holding the head teacher to account and ensuring robust financial plans. We monitor this through visits, conversations with the school community and monitoring meetings. It is a great honour to get to see the brilliant work that goes on in this ‘transformation factory’ of a school.

I am sure you will agree that Three Bridges Primary school is a great school for your child to grow and become lifelong LEARNERs (Learn; Enjoy; Achieve; Respect; Nurture; Engage and Resilience).

If you ever want to have a conversation about what being a governor involves or have any great ideas to help support you or encourage your child, please don’t hesitate to come find us or drop us an email anytime.

Chair of Governors



Andrew Eley

Harminder Sandhu

Co-Vice Chair

Paul Tarran
Co-Vice Chair

Shivani Patel

Gary Stockton


Zahid Basit Mir

Trudy Emberson

Co-opted Governor

(To be appointed)


Nusaybah Hoque


Laura Harrison




Lisa De Noronha




Rayomand Khambata






Listed below are the governors responsible for leading on specific areas for 2021/2022:

  • Policies – To be appointed
  • Headteacher’s Performance Review and Pay Committee – Paul Tarran and Harminder Sandhu
  • Safeguarding – Andrew Eley and Paul Tarran
  • Inclusion – Harminder Sandhu
  • Pupil Premium/Disadvantaged – Harminder Sandhu and Lisa De Noronha
  • Staff engagement – Laura Harrison
  • EYFS – Laura Harrison
  • Health and Safety – Andrew Eley and Paul Tarran
  • Parental and Community Engagement – Paul Tarran
  • Link Governor – Paul Tarran
  • Website Audit – Gary Stockton
  • Extra-curriculur activities -Zahid Basit Mir and Nusaybah Hoque
  • Staff Wellbeing - Laura Harrison
  • 3-year plan/vision/strategy – All Governors
  • Budget – All Governors
  • Curriculum and quality of provision – All Governors
  • Performance Data (Monitoring standards of achievement) – All Governors
  • Behaviour and absence – All Governors


Behaviour at Three Bridges Primary School

The Governing body believes that all members of our school community should be able to learn, work and achieve their full potential in a safe, secure and inclusive environment. We value the strong relationships that exist throughout the school, which lead to mutual respect and encourage good behaviour. Expectations are communicated through use of the LEARNER values. This school has a Therapeutic Thinking Behaviour policy and an Anti-Bullying policy which are available to view on the Policies page.