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Three Bridges Primary School

Three Bridges Primary School

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Eco Committee

Eco Committee

At Three Bridges Primary School we are striving to become a more sustainable school.

In order for children to be involved we have Eco Committee members in each class from Reception to year 6 who meet regularly with our Eco Committee Leader to share their thoughts, encourage 'greener living' across the school, complete environmental reviews, make decisions and plan and promote their ideas. The children are very vocal and are keen to develop their role.

Through regular contact with parents in the form of newsletters, activity sheets and help with themed days, our long-term aim is to encourage children to help make small changes in their home environment, as well as at school to help save the world's resources.

Our Eco Code

At Three Bridges Primary School we have recently updated our Eco Code. It encourages children to showcase these skills as part of their intrinsic behaviour from a young age.